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Upgradeology – Upgrade Your Food & Upgrade Your Life

01 purpleNicole White, CHHC, AADP, RYT

– Books: Upgradeology, Upgrade Your Food, Upgrade Your Life

– Certified Holistic Health Coach

– Registered Yoga & Meditation Instructor

– Certified Drugless Practitioner / Muscle Testing

– Certified Energy & Body Healer

– AromaTouch Massage Practitioner


When I was eight, my mother put me on my first diet. At sixteen, I was a compulsive overeater and bulimic. While in college, I began to have severe wrist pains. Doctors called it carpal tunnel and they wanted me to have surgery. As I investigated more, I found that people who went through the surgery didn’t necessarily get relief from this pain. An art teacher led me to an acupuncturist who gave me a list of foods to avoid. I took his suggestions, and got rid of the toxic foods and drinks. To my delight and surprise, the pain and inflammation disappeared! This began my journey into learning that food is medicine and artificial food contributes to inflammation and disease.

Even with that knowledge, I still put myself through extreme diets, which contributed to various eating disorders and that roller coaster of weight gain/weight loss/weight gain. I grew up with the message that thin was beautiful and successful and that overweight was ugly and lazy. Through my journey, I have worked to release those old beliefs and found that true well-being and self-acceptance are the ultimate success and beauty!

My journey has included becoming a Gentle Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Energy Healer, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Artist. It’s my goal to share true wellness with my clients. I am a robust woman and embrace all that I am and release that which I am not. I no longer diet because I live the very concept of Upgradeology that I love to share and teach.

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