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Upgradeology – Upgrade Your Food & Upgrade Your Life

Special Offer (for a limited time only)​

  • Upgradeology – The Book

  • 25% off Upgradeology (6-Week Program) or any Upcoming Live/Online Programs offered through Upgradeology.com or NicoleWhiteWellness.com
  • Downloadable Bonus Materials: Shopping List, Upgrade List, Upgraded Sweetener List and Food Mood Journal.

  • Private 20-minute Q & A call with Nicole White

Cost – $45.99 + $7 shipping



This course is based on the book Upgradeology by Nicole White.

During this interactive live/online course you will discover:

Week 1: Upgradeology and the Baby Step Approach – Why diets don’t work

Week 2: Craveology – Understanding your cravings and how to tame them

Week 3: Ingredientology – Why ingredients matter and how to read food labels

Week 4: Sweetology – How to satisfy your sweet tooth without side-effects or more cravings

Week 5: Blood-Sugarology – Understand your blood sugar and how to stabilize it

Week 6: Upgradeology – The art of upgrading your food

On-line class TBA


To register, please contact Nicole White at healyourgut@gmail.com

Please check out the event’s tab for information on FREE Live and Online events.

If you are outside of the US, in Alaska or Hawaii – additional cost for postage will be necessary.

Please E-mail Nicole to order if any of the below apply to you.

(1) Live outside of the Contiguous US.
(2) Want more than three books.
(3) Prefer a different shipping method such as Priority Mail, UPS or FedEX.
(4) Prefer a different payment option

Thank you kindly for your support!